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Hi. My name is CJ and I run Exile Marketing in Coral Springs Florida. I help small business owners create a successful online presence as part of their overall marketing strategy - even if they have no idea where to start or if they've already tried and haven't seen the results they hoped for. Promoting your business online requires more than just a pretty website design. In fact, there are some really specific elements that go far beyond just site design and hosting. Your business must be correctly positioned in the search engines so your site will be found by people in your market area when they go searching for your product or service.

Next, if you plan to convert those visitors into buyers, your website needs compelling content that stimulates them to take action and choose your business over your competitors. As you accumulate new customers through your online efforts, you want a strategy in place that turns those new customers into happy and loyal repeat buyers who refer even more new business your way. It's no secret that the most successful companies consistently grow their customer base and increase the lifetime value of every customer at the same time.

Your website and online marketing strategy should be designed to move your business in this direction, and that's the approach I take with every project. For years, giant companies have had the ability to hire top in-house web talent to exploit the internet's vast marketing potential. Smaller businesses typically end up settling for ineffective and expensive hit-or-miss strategies that provide no return on their investment. My goal is to bridge the gap and bring real online marketing solutions to the small local business - at a price they can afford.


I'm not your typical web designer. Before starting this company, I spent a bunch of years in executive operations management running service, marketing, and I/T departments for large companies. My technical know-how, real world business management experience, and marketing knowledge bring a unique combination of skills to every project we take on. I started my online career as an Internet Marketer and still maintain several of my own e-commerce websites in a number of different markets, so I know how to sell online and that sets us apart from other website designers out there. Along the way I've invested considerable time and money in software and testing of different methods and techniques to improve search engine placement and increase web traffic. I bring these resources to every client project, whether its a new website design, a redesign, or search engine optimization.

Core Principles

OK, so we're not the biggest Florida Web Design firm out there - far from it. But hey, we might be some day. Until then you can bet we'll always work to deliver on these core principles with every project.

Value -

Your website should return a profit. It's that simple. We have several flexible pricing options that allow my clients to only buy what makes sense based on their budget, the likely traffic in the local market, and the potential for converting that traffic to sales. Because I do the research up front, you'll be able to make an informed business decision so you don't commit to features you don't need. The result is a truly customized project plan and exceptional value with every project.


I am out to deliver mind blowing service - lightning fast and deadly accurate turn around with every request. Whether we design you a brand new website, redesign your existing site, or develop your site promotion strategy, you can expect outstanding service. We stay ultra-responsive to all client inquiries and update requests. I never compromise these standards by overbooking our time. We both know that when you take care of your customers, they take care of you.

Education -

The conventional wisdom in web designer circles is to avoid providing the client with too many details. Just sell them what they think they need and move on. I don't buy that philosophy for a minute. It's your business and it's your money. You should know what we're doing, why we're doing it and what to expect. Because I'm a business veteran and not a traditional programmer, I speak your language and that allows me to educate our clients so they can call their own shots and measure the results. It benefits us both in the long run.

Transparency -

You probably aren't an internet marketing expert, but that doesn't mean you should blindly follow the advice of someone who claims to be one. I constantly monitor the latest internet marketing trends so I know what's working today and I pass that information along to our customers every month. For our hosting clients, we also monitor and report on site activity. We identify opportunities for performance enhancement whenever they arise. From the beginning of every new website project, to hosting and ongoing maintenance, we manage your site like it is one of my own.
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