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The Internet is Changing and There is a Very Good Chance Your Competitors Aren't Keeping Up
During 2010 Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited site, in time spent, and in most users.  Google is still the 900 pound gorilla when it comes to consumer search activities, but effective site promotion means having multiple presences in places where potential customers go, and Facebook is where everyone is hanging out today.

Twitter has over 100 million users sending out over 55 million tweets per day. Develop a list of followers by providing helpful information or valuable offers, and watch it start to snowball. YouTube has reached 2 billion views per day and almost nobody in the local business space has figured out how to use it! That's an almost unfair advantage for those of us who have. Blogging continues to grow in popularity each and every year, and the list goes on.

Social networking is King of the net these days. The search engines love these sites and rank their pages very high. Setting up entities on these important sites helps to drive traffic to your main website, and also helps you to develop your list of followers and your brand. When executed correctly, these strategies can help a local business dominate the entire first page of search results with a combination of their main website and their various promotional web properties.
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Mobile Web is Here. Are You Ready?
Business and technology publications are already announcing the death of the PC. While I think this may be a bit premature, it illustrates the massive shift that is about to take place in the way people interact with information online. The looming giant on the horizon is mobile web. Consider these facts:

There are 5 billion cell phone users on the planet today, compared to about 1 billion internet users.
Of these about 51 million use smart phones - and carriers expect this number to explode over the next few years.
73% of cell phone users report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phones.
Smart phones currently make up over half of all new mobile phone additions across all carriers.
Text messages get opened and viewed at a rate of over 90%

All the other hardware makers are trying to play catch up with the iPad for their piece of the tablet market. Its clear that the internet is becoming mobile. This change is most critical for local businesses because it represents a massive opportunity to capture new customer relationships ahead of the competition.
Its a Big Internet. Why Take Advantage of Just a Little Piece?
If you spend any time searching the internet, you may have noticed that video results almost always appear close to the top. of the first page. The search engines know their users love video, so they give it top billing whenever they can match videos with search results. A YouTube video that match the search term will always rank high and the person who entered the search is very likely to click on that video result. If they find your business at the other end of that click, much of that traffic will check out your website as well. You can have your own network of promotional videos that send traffic to your main website.

There are so many advantages to using web video effectively, and a solid social media strategy, executed by someone who knows what they are doing can really tie it all together into a connected syndicate of web properties designed to increase your traffic and build credibility.
Our Florida internet marketing company will help you spread your online presence across the entire web and develop your social networking and media properties with customized pages that match or compliment your site design for branding consistency. We build the accounts and feed them with ongoing content emphasizing your most valuable keywords.

Call us today or complete our online contact form for a customized Florida web marketing blueprint for your business.
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