Your Website is complete. Now what?      If you build it, will they come? Not necessarily!
Web hosting pitfalls to avoid. How to find the best hosting solution for your website, and potential problems to look out for.
Email marketing strategies that can help build a loyal following and increase the lifetime value of your customers. Find out how almost any business can realize huge benefits when done correctly.
Managing expectations and setting realistic goals: How long it should take to start seeing results, and when you should start to worry if you don't.
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Web Design Secrets for the Small Business Owner

Over the next 5 days, I'm going to unlock the vault and show you exactly how you should prepare on your end so that when you hire a web designer, you'll get the greatest value for your money.
Closely guarded secrets that a lot of developers would rather you didn't know about . . .
Whether you hire me to help you with your online marketing efforts or not, you won't be at the mercy of so-called experts that don't really understand the power of properly marketing your business online. This quick 5 day mini-course will open your eyes and equip you with the information you need to create and grow a successful online presence, build a blueprint for achieving the results you need, and give you ideas for ongoing strategies that will keep the customers coming in.

Why Would I give away these secrets for free?

Simple. It goes back to the key principles of Value, Service, Education and Transparency - around which I have based, and continue to run my business. I believe that the most profitable customer is one that is educated, engaged in the process and happy with the results they are getting. It just so happens that these are also the most successful website owners.

Here's just some of what you can expect!
Ongoing Site Maintenance - How often should you make changes to a website? How do you get them done? How much should it cost? Plus, how to  monitor traffic, visitors, keyword effectiveness and opportunities.
Search Engine Optimization Part 2 - The other side of the SEO coin. Off page factors you can control, and some you can't. How 3rd Party SEO firms can actually destroy your search engine ranking for good.
Marking your territory. Some simple SEO steps that anyone can (and should!) complete. Start expanding your web property portfolio here.
Branching Out - How Social Media, Networking, Blogging and Video distribution can increase your exposure and establish your business as the ultimate authority in your market.
Building your website. How long should it take? Getting organized. Designer performance standards and more!
Watch out for these common website building techniques. Designers love them, but search engines hate them.
Search Engine Optimization Part 1 - 50% of search engine optimization resides on your site. On Page factors that determine whether your site will compete for top placement or flounder at the bottom.
How to tell if you got what you paid for. Simple tricks that allow ANYONE - even a complete novice - to check a website's code to make sure that important items are really there.
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There are things you should know before you hire a web designer to build your website.
Getting Your Project Priorities Straight - FACT: Most websites flop before a single page is posted. Don't make these mistakes. Be one of the 5% who get it right.
The real reasons your business might need a website - and some reasons why it might not make sense for you and your business.
The treasure is in the keywords!    EVERYTHING you need to build a successful business website is hidden in the search engines. I'll show you how to tell if your web designer knows how to mine for gold.
How to evaluate your local market online - What EVERY web designer should tell you (and probably won't!)
before you start
How to evaluate web designers to find out what they really know and predict how well they'll serve your needs even if you are TOTALLY clueless about computers and the internet.
"How many pages do you want?" The question that almost every web designer will ask you. How to answer it and why it might be a trap!
Getting the best price on web design services - Which features do you need and which are a complete waste of your money?
Content Is King. Always has been and always will be. Knowing effective web content when you see it, and how to tell if your developer is qualified to write it.
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