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small business email marketing
Email Marketing for Small to Medium Sized Local Businesses - Gain a Real Advantage Over Your Competitors!
Email Marketing Returns $46.00 in New Business for Every Dollar Spent
Use the Same Tactics and Strategies the Big Box Retailers Have Been Exploiting for Years
Works For Any Business - In Any Market
Small business email marketing is a powerful tool for boosting your website's power to sell. Until recently, this strategy was only available to professional internet marketers and the biggest retailers with extensive in-house resources and know how. Now, any small or medium sized local business can discover what the big guys have known for years - Email marketing is extremely effective.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting more traffic. Designing a winning website is all about converting that traffic to sales. Email marketing completes the package by providing the ability to automatically follow up with potential customers that visit your website. Not only that, email marketing lets you stay in contact with your regular customers  through the use of newsletters, special offers, and incentives.

Email Marketing Florida Can Rely On: Flexible, Cost Effective, and Entirely Automated

Encourage visitors to sign up for your mailing list using attractive incentives, discounts or promotions. Automatically follow up with those hot prospects on a predetermined schedule. These are potential customers that have visited your website so you know they have an interest in your product or service. That means your mailing list is highly targeted to the right population and as your site matures and your traffic builds, so does your list. Email marketing is extremely effective in almost any industry or field, and in even the most competitive markets. We make it very flexible and even help you establish your strategy. There really is no end to what you can do with this powerful tool.
Here are Just a Few Examples of How our Small Busines Email Marketing can Enhance Your Business!
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Create "Web Specials" For New Customers
Offer Incentives for new customers that find your business on the web. Give them that extra nudge that helps them to select your business over your competition.

Monthly Newsletters
Use your email newsletter to highlight and promote special offers, upcoming events, sales, and more. Provide your customers with helpful information and valuable savings. Become their primary "go to" business in your market.

"On demand" strategic offers whenever your business needs dictate  
Need to move an inventory item? Want to smooth out the sales volumes during those slow periods? Our email marketing lets you customize your campaigns to suit your real world business needs.

What more is there to say. People LOVE them and they bring customers in. Why not deliver them directly to the inbox of interested prospects?

Create Loyalty and Increase the lifetime value of your existing customers
You can do giveaways, hold contests, create frequent buyer clubs; the possibilities are almost endless. It doesn't matter what business you are in or how crowded your market. Email marketing gets results.

For Florida email marketing, call us today, or complete our online contact form. We can help you design a small business email marketing campaign tailored for your business. Its email marketing Florida can count on!
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