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Search Engine Optimization is the process of making on-page and off-page adjustments for the purpose of improving a website's visibility in the "natural" or "organic" search results. Effective SEO can make all the difference between a site that nobody sees, and one that gets a steady stream of profitable traffic, and a growing crowd of regular followers. Do it right and you can save a boatload on Pay Per Click advertising, but doing it right means that both sides of this all important equation are covered for the search terms that matter.

On Page Search Engine Optimization Factors

On page SEO is a subtle yet important factor in determining how well your site will rank in search results, and more importantly which keywords your site's pages will rank for. The dirty little secret of search engine optimization is that it is easy to attain a page 1 ranking for worthless keywords, or for your domain name. I see a lot of websites that are supposedly optimized but they actually focus on keywords that nobody searches for, or that the site cannot compete for, or for keywords that aren't "buyer" keywords - those used by consumers who are most likely to take action and do business with the site owner.

We perform extensive keyword research before beginning any SEO project to make sure the the selected keywords are those that will create an improvement in the way the site performs. We do this by selecting the best buyer keywords with the least amount of competition from other sites.

Then we review the site content to make sure that the text, headers, titles, images and navigation are all optimized to exploit the right search terms for the client's market.
Off Page Search Engine Optimization Factors
Once your site's content is optimized for the right keywords, the search engines look for certain factors to determine how to rank each page within their index. They are looking for "authority" and assign a score to each page based on how important they think the page is. As far as off page factors go, authority is mainly determined by the quality and quantity of links from other websites. They consider how many inbound links a website has, where those links are coming from, and the text that is used in connection with those links.

Inbound links from other related, high authority websites count more and inbound links from "bad neighbor" sites can really set you back. Be wary of any SEO company that guarantees you the top position or the first page in Google. There are shortcut tactics that the search engines frown on, and they are very good at detecting them. Sure, you may get a temporary boost from these shady operators, but there is a good chance that you'll wake up one morning to find your site has been banned and has entirely disappeared from the search engines.

Legitimate SEO that creates permanent long term authority requires an ongoing and steady effort.

Putting it All Together for Complete Search Engine Optimization That Gets Results

It's a dance really. That may sound corny, but it's true. The search engines are in the business of provided the most relevant results possible for every search request. The more relevant their results are, the more likely consumers are to return and use their service in the future. Back in the old days, it was fairly easy to figure out their rules and exploit them for better positioning.

Today, they keep their processes a secret and frequently change and adjust the algorithms they use to rank web pages. They have armies of highly paid geniuses working day and night to protect the integrity of their indexes. The days of stuffing a webpage with keywords and link spamming are long gone.

Your SEO team has to stay up on the latest trends and know how to balance both on-page and off-page factors to get the best results. They must have the ability to tell legitimate SEO activities form those that will hurt your site. Search Engine optimization takes time, effort and care. You can learn a lot more about SEO for small local businesses by checking out my free mini-course where I de-mystify the entire process in plain English. 

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