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A business website must do two things very well. First, it must attract qualified visitors - those consumers in your local market area that are actually seeking the product or service you offer. Do you remember when we used to get out the yellow pages to find local businesses when we were ready to buy? Today, the overwhelming majority of consumers and businesses turn to the search engines. In order to attract interested buyers you need the search engines on your site. Then, the website has to compel those visitors to take action.

South Florida Website Design for Search Engine Performance

We build all our websites in compliance with the latest web standards to ensure that they load fast, look great, and attract lots of love from the search engines. Before designing every website we perform extensive research that identifies the most profitable search terms (known as keywords), and then we optimize your on-site content around those keywords in the way that the big search engines like best.

No guess work. No trial and error. We use sophisticated software that tells us exactly how your potential customers are searching and reveals how competitive those search terms are. We target those real keywords that will generate the highest search volume and the best chance of breaking into the top listings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We even show you what your competitors are doing - all before we write a single line of code.
South Florida Web Design for the Visitor Experience
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After attracting interested buyers through proper search engine placement, your site must get those visitors to take action. After all, web traffic has no value if nobody is buying what you have to offer. What good are hits that just click away from your site? 

You only have 3 seconds to make an impression and keep them on your site. That means your content must be laid out on the page correctly. It must anticipate the prospects concerns, wants, needs and objections. It has to build the potential for trust, and it must do all these things in an instant. Creating web content for users and creating for search engines are two very different skills. Combining the two effectively is an art form that few web developers have mastered. Our Florida custom web site design blends the two into a seamless presentation that gets results.
Our prices compare quite favorably to our South Florida Website Design competitors, and the value you receive is like nothing else you'll find. We don't try to up-sell clients for unnecessary features or services that aren't likely to improve performance. We also don't slip in hidden charges or nuisance fees, like "start up" or "set up" fees.

Oh, and one more thing. We don't advertise ridiculously low entry prices like "complete websites starting at $200". This is a common tactic that drives me crazy. Many South Florida Web Design firms use it to draw you in and then you quickly find out that there are steep additional charges for a realistic number of pages and the critical components your website will need. It's insulting and a big waste of your valuable time. Running your own organization is challenging enough and there are plenty of real demands on your time.

Each project is different and every business has different requirements. I invite you to compare our pricing, service and commitment to any other designer out there and I believe you'll quickly see the difference. Our Florida Custom Web Site Design pricing is arranged into convenient, money saving packages so clients get the most value for their buck. We also offer all individual services on an "al a carte" menu so you can select only those that make the most sense for your market and budget, and maximize the return on your investment. We'll complete a full market and competition analysis and help you develop a customized project plan that will generate the greatest return at the right price.

Call us or complete our contact form to find out how we can help your business grow.
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