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More than Just a Web Design Company in Florida

We offer a range of services so that business owners can evaluate the potential and select the services that make sense. The time and resources you dedicate to your online marketing efforts should return a profit - instead of being viewed as a necessary expense. We'll analyze your local market, show you the numbers and make recommendations based on the outcome. Then we'll help you to develop a web strategy that makes sense for your business. From there, you simply order the services that work within your budget and we get to work. You can even add services later on if you don't want to do everything all at once.
Web Design Services

Whether you want Flash elements, an entire Flash website, imbedded video, a custom blog template, interactive forms, e-commerce, or anything else - we can build it. We pride ourselves on our ability to translate the client's aesthetic vision into a website that will frame your organization in a very positive light with visitors. At the same time, our sites are built to be search engine friendly from the start to help them rank well and attract new customers. Learn more about our Florida website design services.
Website Redesign

The internet is constantly changing, and a lot of websites are starting to show their age. Sure, it was new and fresh and slick a few years ago, but how does it stack up against your competitors today? Your website is there to communicate to the world about who you are and what you have to offer. Studies have shown that you have approximately 3 seconds to make an impression and grab the visitor's attention. In that 3 seconds they decide whether to stick with you and find out more, or click away forever. What kind of message is your old website sending? Learn how our Florida website redesign service can update your site's look and feel, and improve its performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes a website can look great. Everything is just the way you want it. The only problem is nobody knows that it's there. The site gets almost no traffic and never generates a new customer. So what do you do? The search engines are very particular about which sites they show in response to search requests. They show what they consider to be the most relevant results first. They assign relevance based on some very complicated and often confusing rules. They decide what your site is about, who to show it to and where to position it. If your site isn't on the first page for the right search terms, you can forget about getting any real traffic. Find out how our South Florida SEO service helps your website to rank better and attract more visitors.

Web Hosting

I'm very particular about web hosting and you should be to. I mean, I work hard to build great websites that attracts customers and makes them want to do business with me, I certainly don't want my hosting account to hold me back. Slow loading sites, downtime, inexperienced customer service people - they can all wreak havoc. The truth is there are a lot of bad web hosting companies out there and I've been through quite a few of them during my time as an internet marketer. That's why we guaranteed 99.6% up time - among the highest in the industry. Plus if we design and host your website, you get extensive site monitoring, reporting, and expert recommendations every month. You can read more about our web hosting service plans here.

Online Brand Building and Internet Marketing

Building your website and getting it positioned in the search engines is often enough for many local businesses. But in competitive markets sometimes you just have to go fishing. That means you have to get your content in front of the people who are most interested. Social media and networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace; bookmarking sites like Digg and video distribution channels like YouTube can really grow your presence online. Press releases, article marketing and blogging all help too. These promotional tools work especially well in creative (artists, musicians, etc.), leisure (bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.), and professional markets. Whether we build your new site, or you already have a website, we can help you create your brand online and start getting noticed. Check out our Internet Marketing and Brand Building service here.

Small Business Email Marketing

There is a reason that all the biggest retailers use email marketing so extensively. It works like crazy. In fact, according to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing generates an ROI of $43.62 for every dollar spent. A lot of small business owners think that email marketing isn't applicable to their business model and they couldn't be more wrong. With a little guidance almost any local business can build an email marketing strategy and turn one time buyers into loyal repeat customers. Take a look at our Small Business Email Marketing page and learn how we can help your business take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it.
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South Florida Web Designers
Our Website was completed in a very short time. CJ listened to our ideas and guided us through the entire process.

He is very responsive and helpful and very thorough in his approach. I learned a lot about having a successful website and about marketing my business online - things I'm pretty sure I would never have known using another designer.

I can highly recommend Exile Marketing for any business that is looking for a professional website design firm.