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Website Redesign Services - Website Redesign and SEO

The internet is constantly changing. Online style trends change just like they do in other areas of consumer preference, and man have they ever changed in the past year or so! Your website represents your business and make no mistake, an old and out of date website sends a strong message - just not the one you want. Beyond improving your website's look and fee, today's search engines emphasize local search like never before and your redesign project is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of this growing trend.

Website Redesign Company: Redesigning Your Website - Inside and Out

We start every website redesign and SEO project just like we do a new brand new site  - with our extensive market, keyword and competition analysis. We research every aspect of your local market and find out how consumer are searching for your product or service, what your competition has been up to, and where your site is positioned among competing sites. Then we show you the results and develop a redesign plan that will get results.

Sure it's an extra step and we're probably the only ones doing it, but the results are well worth the effort because we know that just making your site look better won't do much to improve performance. Your business website redesign needs a pathway to the top of the search results to go along with its new look. Your new site will be beautiful on the outside, and completely optimized for search engine performance and visitor response.
Bringing Today's Web to Your Site
The trend today is towards a more interactive experience and user generated content. Think blogs, Twitter, or Facebook - sites where users do more than just extract information. They interact with each other and contribute content in the process. This approach isn't appropriate for every business application, but the trend has definitely lead to an evolving visual style that is markedly different from what existed just a few years ago.

Adopting aspects of this newer look and incorporating some of the interactive features that consumers have come to expect can do wonders for your Company's online image. Working in some animation with strategically placed Flash elements is another great way to bring your old website into the present.

We can even host your new site so you get all the benefits and support of our world class web hosting service.
We'll Take Care of Absolutely Everything
Almost every redesign client I meet with tells the same story. They've wanted to redesign their website for a long time, but weren't quite sure where to begin or how to go about it. They know they own a domain name and have a hosting account that they pay for each month. Everything was set up for them by their original designer. They've long since lost track of any login information and that designer is a lot harder to track down than he used to be.

If that sounds like you, don't worry. It is a lot more common than you might think and we deal with registrars and hosting companies every day. Unlike some of our competitors, we take care of everything for you. We'll make the necessary contacts to make any transfers and conversions needed, and to replace your existing site with the new redesigned site on your hosting service. It's all included in the price.

Even better, you can combine your new website redesign services with our hosting service and never worry about your site again. When you host with us you get more than just a monthly bill. You get regular activity reports, periodic recommendations for site improvements, a copy of your new site on CD, and my exclusive - customers only monthly newsletter that will help you translate online marketing opportunities into a business building approach that compliments your overall marketing strategy.

You get more than a website redesign company. You get a real web master that works for you and your site, without having to hire one in-house. Call us or complete our contact form to find out how we can help your business grow with website redesign and SEO.
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